Panoramic Photography by Stefan Tarzan

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Welcome to my third website of panoramic photographs.  

Since I bought my first panoramic camera over ten years ago, photographic technique has changed in many ways.  Digital technology has greatly altered the way we record, manipulate and present photographs.  Single images from a non-panoramic camera can now be "stitched" together to create a seamless panorama.  New panoramic digital cameras are completely filmless and the images are recorded directly onto a laptop. 

I chose to open this website with this panorama of Monument Valley because it represents the changing nature of my own work.  This panorama was created from several images, taken from two different viewpoints about a hundred feet apart.  Joined together they form a panorama that cannot be experienced in person from a single viewpoint.

"How much image manipulation is acceptable, while keeping the image true to reality?" is a question has become more important in the age of digital photography.  Since new technologies have opened the door to extensive manipulation and alteration of images, the question of "truth" in an image will become more important in the future.  Being true to the places I've photographed has always been my goal.  You'll have to visit these places yourself to decide if I've captured some of their magic........I think so!

Thanks to everyone who has supported my photography...supplied a couch to sleep on....or just been along on some of these travels.


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