My Photography


Widelux F5 Panoramic Camera - 35mm format
140 rotation - 26mm Lens F2.8

Noblex 06/150 Panoramic Camera - 120 format
132 rotation - 50mm Noblar Lens T4.5

I purchased my first panoramic camera, an old Widelux F5, in 1991.  This camera photographs by panning the lens 140 degrees, creating a negative 1 1/2 times wider than a typical 35mm image.  I started taking photographs in several places I was familiar with.  I grew up in Washington State, went to college in Montana and ended up working in Los Angeles in the film industry.  Whenever I've traveled, either for work or pleasure, I've always taken time for some landscape photographs.  At first I printed my images and experimented with handtinting them.  Eventually, I began combining several images to create much wider panoramas of up to 360 degrees.  By mounting several prints side-by-side, I was able to display them.  However, there were always seams between the joined prints.  I realized that digital photography would allow me to combine several images seamlessly.

Most of the panoramas on my website were created by combining two or three images.  I still start with a film emulsion negative.  A couple of years ago, I purchased a Noblex 150 120mm panoramic camera.  This camera uses 120 film and produces photographs of amazing clarity.  It's basically a medium format version of the 35mm Widelux, except that it has an electrical drive instead of a spring drive.

The images were scanned from the original negative, and all contrast manipulation, burning and dodging was done digitally.  Since each of the images was taken with a panoramic camera, no perspective corrections were required.


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