Hikers on the Angel's Landing Trail, Zion National Park


An online portfolio of 

Panoramic Photography by Stefan Tarzan



Welcome....Nine years ago I purchased my first panoramic camera, an old 35mm Widelux.  Since then I've done a lot of traveling and  photographing.  I upgraded to a medium-format Noblex and discovered digital manipulation.  Landscape photography can be an odd mixture of patience and sudden decisions.  Waiting hours for clouds to clear or for the sun to be in the right position is not unusual...then suddenly, dramatic effects of light and atmosphere appear and disappear in seconds.  With these photographs I have tried to record what I consider to be a special moments, one of many at these beautiful places, but still unique.  I want to thank all the friends and family who have supported my work...Enjoy 


Note:  Some of these files are large and may require a lengthy download time to view in their full size.  I've tried to reach a compromise between download time and image quality.  All images are represented by thumbnails linked to larger versions.  All images are copyrighted.  Please do not use these images without my permission.  BEST VIEWING IS AT A RESOLUTION OF AT LEAST 800 x 600